About That Honor and Dignity Thing…

Yesterday Matt Steinglass made a point that’s been overlooked during the recent Palin-athon. He argues that the selection of Palin for the vice presidential slot on the Republican ticket is a bigger indictment of John McCain than it is Sarah Palin. To a large extent, that’s true. McCain was in many ways an unserious candidate who was driven by his most base instincts, but, it was always generally assumed (at least by the mainstream media) that he was an honorable man and that Palin was an occasionally off message attack dog.

The release of these internal McCain campaign emails, however, will probably put a big dent in that theory. Seeing McCain struggle to talk down whipped up supporters at his rallies last fall doesn’t seem so noble now in light of the fact that his operatives encouraged the deployment of some of the more vicious smears of the election season. Those acts, in retrospect, now appear to have been nothing more than an attempt at preemptive damage control. Once Pandora’s Box was open, McCain did was he almost always does; he tried to wrap himself in dignity to cloak his part in encouraging the descent into madness.


~ by uvasig on July 11, 2009.

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