What You Should Be Reading…Now

The story of the week is Iran, so here’s where you should go to get up on events:

  • For mainstream news orgs, the New York TimesLede blog has been doing great work
  • Online, Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish and Nico Pitney’s blog at Huffington Post have been invaluable as well, as has Juan Cole’s blog
  • Twitter, the social network of the moment, has been the place to go for events in real time (even though it’s sometimes hard to tell what’s true and what’s not given the volume of info coming in). More here and here about how Twitter has played a role in keeping the protests alive
  • My own take on how Twitter provided a place for coverage in the absence of reporting by the major cable networks

    Other stories of note:

    • What’s going to happen with California’s budget?
    • Obama tries to sell health care to the American Medical Association (with mixed results)
    • Some thoughts from Josh Marshall about Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech in response to Obama’s remarks in Cairo last week
    • The Atlantic’s “Ideas” issue is out and I find it funny that they’re running a story about Google making us smarter when they ran a story almost exactly a year ago arguing the opposite

      ~ by uvasig on June 17, 2009.

One Response to “What You Should Be Reading…Now”

  1. I really enjoy your what you should be reading now series.

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