The Iranian Election

I certainly don’t have a strong enough background in Middle Eastern politics to tell you what it means, but I can tell you where to go to find out more:

  • Andrew Sullivan is doing some heavy lifting on this and his Daily Dish is a good one stop shop
  • University of Michigan history professor, Middle Eastern expert and blogger Juan Cole is on the case as well. Cole is claiming that the present regime stole the election.
  • Kevin Drum of Mother Jones wonder why Khamenei would make the vote fraud look so obvious.
  • Nate Silver of argues that the statistics don’t show that the election was rigged.
  • Laura Rozen’s blog, The Cable, at Foreign is providing updated commentary.
  • The official statement from the White House is very cautious.
  • Britain’s Channel 4 has reports from inside the country.

    ~ by uvasig on June 14, 2009.

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