Inquiring Minds Want to Know

In the course of his post outlining Sen. Jay Rockerfeller’s America’s Health Insurance Trust plan (basically, it would create a stand alone agency that could conduct customer service surveys and provide a clear and understandable grading system for comparing various health care plans), Ezra Klein revealed that he recently had to pick a new benefits package when he accepted a job at the Washington Post last month.

Seeing that Ezra knows a lot more about this stuff than most people, I’m curious to see which of the two health care options he selected (he could choose between a Kaiser Permanente HMO and Aetna’s modified version of a PPO) and hear why he picked that option. Choosing the best (i.e. best for you or your family personally, not the “gold standard”) health care available is hard, and I’d like to see how a truly informed customer went about making his decision.


~ by uvasig on June 12, 2009.

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