What You Should Be Reading…Now

Recent good reads:

  • Time’s take on how Twitter might change the way we live
  • Matt Bai’s Sunday New York Times magazine article on how the Obama White House assembled an all star roster of former congressional staffers to help grease the wheels on health care
  • New York magazine’s insider-ish take on the Conde Nast empire
  • Louis Menand’s essay in the New Yorker about the value of creating writing programs at the university level
  • Michael Wolff in Vanity Fair on the shrewdness of the press manipulation by the White House
  • Ta-Nehisi Coates from the left and Daniel Larison from the right on why the Republican attacks on Sonia Sotomayor as a racist are misguided
  • Ezra Klein on the differences between socialist medicine, single payer and what we’re likely to end up with

    ~ by uvasig on June 10, 2009.

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