People Who Need To STFU

Jake Trapper.

Jake, let’s rap for a second…a few weeks ago, and into this week, John McCain has been going around saying that Barack Obama would rather lose a war than lose an election , has been busted peddling an attack that has been called “literally not true” about why Obama didn’t meet with injured American troops in Germany , and today released an ad that seeks to portray Obama as someone who is both vaguely out of the mainstream and vapid…but Obama is the one making “inflammatory” comments by pushing back against McCain’s nonsense?

Right. Jake, stop being wrong. Part of the entire campaign against Obama (be it from the campaigns or its surrogates) has involved an effort to portray Obama as elite, out of touch, vaguely foreign (Barack Hussein Obama, anyone?) and well…not quite American (how dare he draw large and adoring crowds in Berlin!).

So now that Obama makes an obvious point, that part of the Republican campaign against him is built around an effort to make his background (which obviously includes his race) seem so strange as to prevent voters from taking a chance on him, but Obama’s the one who’s now is out of line for calling out this rank b.s. for what it is?

Calling a standing U.S. senator a borderline traitor? Not inflammatory. Calling a campaign out for peddling lies and character smears? Inflammatory.

Tomorrow must be up is down day.


~ by uvasig on July 31, 2008.

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