Guilting by Association

Joe Klein has been doing some mighty fine concern trolling as of late and he continues his streak today by pointing to some excerpts from the forthcoming (and much anticipated) Jeremiah Wright interview with Bill Moyers (airing tomorrow on PBS). In the leaked comments up at Huffington Post, I don’t see anything especially damning (Klein calls Wright “unrepentant”)…never mind, though, that Klein is engaging in exactly the same kind of behavior that Wright mentions in his commentary (specifically, taking quotes out of context to make them fit a predetermined narrative). Hey Joe…why don’t you wait and see the whole damn interview before passing judgment? It’s tomorrow evening. You can wait.

But more annoying even than the bit about Wright is Klein’s cheerleadering of John McCain’s rejection of incendiary remarks made by evangelical pastor John Hagee about Hurricane Katrina. Klein writes:

John McCain is having a terrific week. Not only are his opponents killing themselves, but he lambasted Bush on Hurricane Katrina and demonstrated how one should slap down a religious supporter who says stupid things. Credit where credit is due.

Actually, Joe…no, no credit is due to McCain. Why, you might ask? Let’s recall that because of Wright’s remarks, Obama was basically forced to deliver a speech on race in America to try to assuage fears that he wasn’t some crazy crypto Black Nationalist (keeping in mind that a lot of people still think Obama is a Muslim even though Trinity is a Christian church). Now, I understand the very obvious differences between Obama’s relationship with Wright and McCain’s with Hagee, but McCain is still trying to have it both ways here. Somehow, McCain can say that is was “a mistake to solicit and accpect” Hagee’s endorsement but he can then turn around and also say that he’s still “glad to have his [Hagee’s] endorsement”. Well…which is it? Does Klein not see the issue here? This is what some folks like to call “having your cake and eating it too”. So, no, Joe, I’m not impressed with McCain calling Hagee’s statements “nonsense”. If the standard of this race is nothing less than the total rejection and denouncement of idiotic statements made by campaign surrogates, then St. John needs to go quite a bit further in distancing himself from a man whose endorsement he actively pursued and proudly displayed on his campaign website.

Oh…and the little goodwill tour that McCain is on? The one where he’s talking about how under his watch there will never be another Katrina? Just check out what McCain was actually doing when the hurricane rolled in and then get back to me.

~ by uvasig on April 25, 2008.

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