R.I.P. Danny Federici

Having just written a post about Bruce Springsteen, I would be remiss if I did not note with sadness the passing of Danny Federici, the E Street band’s long time keyboard and accordian player, who died today from complications of melanoma at 58. I am happy to say I got to see Mr. Federici play twice, once at Pac Bell Park in San Francisco back in 2003 and then again last fall in Oakland.  He and Bruce played together for fourty years (ten years longer than I’ve been alive!), so it must be an exceptionally painful loss for the band and Bruce in particular.

The only proper way for me to remember Danny is by listening to the sublime version of “4th of July, Ashbury Park (Sandy)” on the Live 1975-1985 album. Danny’s accordian sets the backdrop for the entire song. Having been to those Coney Island boardwalks as a child, I can almost feel the cool Atlantic breeze rushing over me while I walked with my grandfather to get a Nathan’s hot dog. The song is extremely evocative and it will always serve as a testament to the power of the music that these men and women have made together.

R.I.P. Danny.

Tom Watson offers his thoughts here.


~ by uvasig on April 18, 2008.

One Response to “R.I.P. Danny Federici”

  1. Pretty cool…today’s Tony Kornheiser radio show involved a brief Springsteen discussion, even referencing the “shabby” beach town that Asbury is. I don’t see a timestamp anywhere…sorry I can’t be more specific, but go to roughly the 2/3 point of this broadcast to listen in…

    [audio src="http://icestream.bonnint.net/dc/3wt/tony/TK_PODCAST_20080421.mp3" /]

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