The Charlie Brown Effect

Things have been rather hectic recently and I haven’t been able to post much, but suffice it to say that at least one event from the past week left me feeling like George Schultz’s down on his luck protagonist, Charlie Brown. Without getting into the dirty details of the story, I’ll simply say that I was offered something by a place where I was considering spending the next two years of my life, but just as quickly as the offer was extended, is was was withdrawn, due to my lacking a particular set of experiences that are fairly hard to come by for a person making a career change into this particular field.

I know that’s ridiculously obtuse, but so it must stay for now. In any case, I have to admit that my pride was hurt and some hopes were dashed. To be fair, my rejection was about as nice as it could have been, save for the poor timing involved with the messaging. I was told by this particular institution that I had merit and need only show continued dedication to my craft to perhaps secure a different outcome next time around. We’ll see. I should thank them, though, for the motivational tool that they’ve given me. The letter that I’d considered merely crumpling up (perhaps even burning) shall now occupy a prominent place wherever I decide to sit and write. It’s a reminder to myself that their loss will be my gain.


~ by uvasig on March 7, 2008.

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