Back From Nowhere

Loyal (all three) readers…here, an update!

Journalism grad school applications: They’re done! In the end, I applied to Berkeley, City University of New York, Columbia, Texas and Medill (Northwestern). I suspect that I’ll start to get “yea” or “nay” letters in late March/early April. As I’ve said throughout the process, I’ve got no expectations about what will happen here; I could end up being rejected by all five (or six if I apply to either American or Maryland) or I could get into all of them (not bloody likely), or I could end up getting into one or two and then end up with a decision to make. All that is down the road, though, so, as this point, I’m just glad I actually went through the process. I should also thank the wonderful and beautiful REF (and her dad), Rubes, a certain Miami Hurricane and mom (hi mom!) for proofing the many versions of my admissions essays and for their support and advice.

Professionally: Things are in a (mostly) positive state of flux. Due to some personnel shifts, starting in early February, I’ll be the acting Alumni Relations Officer handling Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. It’s going to be quite the boost to my work load, but it should give me some great opportunity for growth. Faculty speaker events in Boston and Washington, D.C. are on the agenda for the spring, so some travel might be on the docket.

Politically: Can I just say fuck it and get it over with? I’ve grown increasingly disappointed with the race to the bottom that the Democratic primary has become. Like a great many people, I’m quite enamored with Barack Obama’s campaign, but I am worried. The last few weeks have been, in a word, dispiriting. The increasingly nasty racial attacks being hurled at Obama by Clinton surrogates, the twisting of words by the Clinton campaign…it sickens me, doubly because I used to have a pretty deep reservoir of support for Bill and Hillary. I should also say Obama hasn’t been completely clean in this, and I am equally disturbed by that.

I started writing this post originally on January 24, and obviously a lot’s changed since then. Obama trounced Clinton in South Carolina last Saturday, and followed up on Sunday by getting a strong endorsement from Caroline Kennedy (JFK’s daughter). He kicked this week of with a big coup, securing the endorsement of liberal icon (and JFK’s brother), Ted. The race and gender phase of the campaign seems to have died down, but this kind of dirty pool from the Clinton’s isn’t going to help should Hillary win the nomination and she is in a position where she has to court Obama’s supporters.

So, while my mood is much improved from last week, it’s still an uphill battle for the Obama campaign. A week from today is “Super Tuesday”. 22 states will either hold a primary or caucus. Clinton holds sizable leads in delegate rich states (including my adopted home of California) but maybe Obama can ride out the big wave that he’s caught. The excitement around his campaign, no, movement, is palpable. Like Buffalo Springfield sang, “something’s happening here”. Or, since I already was heading toward a surfing reference, I’ll let the immortal Bodhi say it best:

“But look at it Johnny. Look at it! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, man. Just let me out there, let me get one wave before you take me. One wave”.


~ by uvasig on January 30, 2008.

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