Overheard…at a Polk St. Starbucks

Barista #1: “You know what sounds good right now?”
Barista #2: (Shakes head in a disinterested fashion)
Barista #1: “Wendy’s chicken nuggets.”
Barista #2: (Scrunches face in abject horror)
Barista #1: “Those are like the best chicken nuggets evar!”
Barista #2: “You know, all chicken nuggets sound unappealing.”
Barista #1: “Why?”
Barista #2: “Well, because…chickens don’t have nuggets…well, some do. They’re called roosters and you don’t want to eat those nuggets. But you do know what sounds good?”
Barista #1: “What?”
Barista #2: “Buffalo wings with hot sauce from Polkers.”


~ by uvasig on June 12, 2007.

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