Atheism and the V.T. massacre

Dinesh D’Souza has been on quite a roll recently. First he released his utterly repugnant (and throughly discredited) book, The Enemy at Home – The Cultural Left and Its Responsibility for 9/11. Now this week, he has decided to use the killings at Virginia Tech as an invitation to smear atheists.

D’Souza’s comments are beyond the pale, and bloggers across the political spectrum have ripped Dinesh. However, the best response comes from a diary over at Daily Kos. An atheist and professor at V.T. responded with some fantastic remarks which can be read here.

I should say that I’m not an atheist. I was raised a Christian, and am still one at least in name, but I can say I am far more sympathetic to the views of agnostics and atheists than I have ever been previously. Along those lines, I want to highlight a particular comment from the Kos diary. The author writes:

I don’t need to live forever to live once and to live completely.

That’s some powerful stuff and worth remembering.


~ by uvasig on April 22, 2007.

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