7 x 7 Eat + Drink Awards

7 x 7 just released the results of their first annual reader poll and while some of the choices make sense (Best Pre-Theater: Jardiniere; Best SF Classic: Tadich Grill), there’s some evidence that the reader base for 7 x 7 needs to broaden its horizons. Selections I would contest:

Best Burger:
Reader selection – Barney’s
My selections: Street, Balboa Cafe

I would easily nominate the burgers at Street and Balboa Cafe as being better than Barney’s. Street’s burger is perfect: nicely seasoned and juicy. The burger is served on a baguette at Balboa, which is a nice touch.

Best Pizza:
Reader selectionLittle Star
My selection – Paxti’s

Of the three deep dish joints in the Bay Area that I’ve had, my personal favorite is Paxti’s in Hayes Valley. It’s not that Little Star is bad (it’s not). It’s just that Paxti’s pizza is just more of what I expect out of Chicago style pizza: the slices are bigger, there’s more toppings and sauce…it just feels like a more authentic experience to me.

Best Mexican:
Reader selection: Mamacita.
My selection – Maya

For upscale Mexican, my money is on Maya.

Best Vietnamese: Reader selection: Slanted Door
My selection: Bong Su

This is probably a little blasphemous, but I dined at newcomer Bong Su during Dine about Town last month and it was fantastic. The space is beautiful, the food was very good, and it’s not quite the scene that you’ll get at the Slanted Door.

Best Desserts
Reader selection: Citizen Cake
My selection: Tartine Bakery

Don’t take my word for it, read the glowing review of Tartine from last week’s New York Times travel section.


~ by uvasig on February 5, 2007.

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