Look who’s crying now

Shorter G.O.P.: “Wahhhhh!”

Slightly longer G.O.P: “It’s not hypocritical of us in the least to complain about Democrats giving us the same treatment we gave them.”

Bonus mindless pundit forecast!
It will basically go something like this: “The Democrats are bad, very bad, for not only pushing through legislation they promised on the campaign trail (that also garnered support from Republicans in Congress and the backing of a majority of Americans) but they are also bad because they’re not helping the nation heal after a divisive election season.”

This, of course, is ridiculous. Currently, Democrats are riding a wave of public support and there’s no need to stop pushing their agenda now. I fully suspect that the House leadership will eventually allow Republicans to offer competing bills and to contribute to the debate on issues, but all this whining over 100 hours (after 12 YEARS of nasty, partisan politics) is really rather sad. Time to reap what you’ve sown, G.O.P.

Also, Atrios has more (riffing off a post by Matt Yglesias):

What Yglesias says, and then even one more thing. Unlike a couple of months ago, the Democrats control Congress. They have no reason to try to take Bush proposals and make them better, because they get to actually put their own proposals up for a vote. Republicans not named Bush also don’t have any particular reason to support Bush proposals, unless they like them, so there’s just not much reason to really care what Bush thinks about health care, immigration, or any other potential areas where Congress might be passing laws. Given the nature of the Senate, they do have to worry about pleasing some Republicans, but not ones named Bush.

Sure there’s that veto thing, but Bush’s ability to block good legislation is no reason to support bad legislation.


~ by uvasig on January 25, 2007.

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