The Washington Post I think goes overboard in its examination of Steny Hoyer’s election to Majority Leader. The Post calls the rejection of John Murtha a “major blow” to incoming Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. But was it? Much has been made of Pelosi’s letter declaring her support for Murtha’s candidency. As even Hoyer noted, this was expected, since Pelosi and Murtha are close. The problem with Murtha was simply that he’s got some ethical skeletons in his closet that won’t go away, and, seeing as ending corruption was a major reason the Dems took both houses last week, its probably not good politics to have a Majority Leader who didn’t get up and walk out of the room when he was offered a bribe during an FBI sting.

So, will it really hurt Pelosi in any lasting way that her hand-picked number two was defeated? Probably not and John Cole of Balloon Juice (blogging over at the Carpetbagger Report) details why.


~ by uvasig on November 17, 2006.

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