The crack up continues…Part II

The odious Ann Coulter and the decidedly more eurdite Bill Safire catch a case of the vapors.

While it’s certainly true that the the crushing loss (and let’s be honest, that’s what this was) for the Republicans might indeed get them back to their principles (and, whatever your politics, having an engaged opposition party is a good thing in a democracy), I think some conservative commentators (and their media enablers) are still drinking from the “everything bad is good for you” kool-aid vat that says anything that happens (be it losing both houses of Congress, or increasing levels of violence in Iraq) ends up being good for Republicans. Clearly, that’s just not the case.

Update: Erza, who actually is a political writer (unlike me, who just plays one on this blog), breaks down the “conservatism won” meme that seems to be gaining currency.


~ by uvasig on November 9, 2006.

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