Speaking of religion…

Matt Yglesias makes an interesting, if controversial point:

On this view, a person who led an entirely exemplary life in terms of his impact on the world (would an example help? Gandhi, maybe?) but who didn’t accept Jesus as his personal savior would be subjected to a life of eternal torment after his death and we’re supposed to understand that as a right and just outcome. That, I think, is seriously messed up.

But I shouldn’t say so!

As Matt points out, this is something that, for the most part, just isn’t said. And, clearly, there are reasons this view doesn’t get much airplay in our public discourse (challenging the validity of one’s religious beliefs is still pretty taboo in America). I have to agree with Matt’s general point here; if a person lives what many would consider a “good” life but doesn’t claim a particular deity as their personal savior, have all their positive contributions been for naught? I’m not prepared to say yes to that.


~ by uvasig on October 31, 2006.

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