The Bay Area seems to have skipped its traditional Indian summer and jumped straight into fall. The skies have gone grey and yesterday produced the first rain of the season. The mornings are cool. The daylight is getting shorter.

I am sitting here at my desk, packed and about to head out in 20 minutes to catch a flight back east for a job interview. I’m excited because I get to spend a few days in a place that’s very near and dear to me (Charlottesville, VA, where I went to college), but I find myself confused over the opportunity that awaits me there. The job that I have now is wonderful in so many ways, but, as anyone who truly knows me would suggest, working for UVa would seem to be even more of a “dream job” than my current one. We’ll see.

I find it interesting that I will be leaving San Francisco and its faux fall (grey skies and rain) for the weekeend to head back into the “real” fall of central Virginia…I hope that the leaves have changed on The Lawn. I’ve always found that walking around Jefferson’s Academical Village this time of year to be inspiring.

As I sat outside of Za pizza last night contemplating my future, I stared at the slight rain falling quietly, making Russian Hill feel even more the quaint hamlet it almost certainly aspires to be. I felt at peace, even though I’m about to face one of the biggest decisions I’ve had in recent years. Seasons bring change and for once, I feel ready to embrace it…whether that means staying put at my new job with expanded responsibilities, or jumping into the great wide open with the new position.

I feel like this could be the start of an important part of my life…I sit just a month away from my 29th birthday and need to recognize that life, like my sister says, is not a dress rehearsal; we only get one shot at it. I think it’s time to for me to embrace change and not live in fear of the new or different.

Here’s to the new.


~ by uvasig on October 5, 2006.

2 Responses to “Seasons”

  1. Good luck…keep me posted!

  2. You should look an old friend up while back east! I don’t live that far away from C’ville!

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